One Band Is Using Differences To Bring People Together

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One Band Is Using Differences To Bring People Together

The Patchwork Fools, an Indie band from Baltimore, MD, is gaining attention for their new approach to bringing fans together.

The band asks their fans to draw or write something unique about themselves on pieces of fabric. Each piece is sewn together into patchwork quilts which are then displayed at performances to show that creativity can bring people together.

Their idea is pretty simple: "A patchwork quilt will keep you warm at night, whether the pieces match or not."

Vocalist and guitarist for The Patchwork Fools, Will Harken, says the quilt isn't just about music.

"The quilt is a concrete reminder that our unique and creative qualities can bring us together. Like the mismatched fabric on a patchwork quilt, we can and should be united in our differences. It is an important message given the latest political and social divides in the world."

Now, with the launch of their website, The Patchwork Fools are starting a digital quilt will allow people to submit pieces of artwork or unique images from all over the world.

"We've been getting close friends to submit early images and they are insanely cool," says Will. "You'd be surprised what amazing things people work on in their spare time."

The Patchwork Fools make it a point to include mental health awareness and positive issues in their music.

"I believe a truly uplifting message must first acknowledge the darker places in the world," continues Will. "Overall, the album, Denser Suns, is meant to explain why the end makes things disheartening AND special at the same time. The entire history of the universe had to happen in a ridiculously specific way to make you. The odds you existing and experiencing reality as you do are basically zero. Yet, here you are. Capable of love and passion in the cold universe's blink of an eye."

The members of the band, Aviva Match (Vocals/Glockenspiel/Mandolin), Leora Match (Vocals/Keys), Josh Funk (Drums) and Will Harken (Vocals/Guitar/Production), will be releasing their new album "Denser Suns," which you can preview on the band's current website. The full site will launch February 21, 2017.

You can follow The Patchwork Fools on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the handle @patchworkfools.

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