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Game Warden's Disguise Helped Him Trap Illegal Fishermen In The Most Bizarre Arrest Imaginable

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I've read and written a lot of stories about crime and those that have gone the extra mile on both sides of the equation. That being said, this has gotta be one of the weirdest stories that I have ever come across.

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Most people don't realize the power that fish and game wardens have, in several instances they have more power than the actual police, and they take their jobs exceedingly seriously.

One former fish and game warden, Terry Grosz, recounted a hilarious story from back in the early 80s. He was working in Northern California, where they had a monster salmon population. Fishermen were using illegal tactics to pull in these massive fish. By law you had to stop fishing 30 minutes before sunset, but these guys were fishing well past 2 AM. They were also fishing in pools where salmon were resting, and they were using these special lures that glowed when hit with a flashlight. It was like shooting fish in a barrel...

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It was always hard to catch these fishermen because they would have spotters sitting out on the roads to warn them if the wardens were coming. Terry came up with a crazy idea, well crazy to an outsider looking in.

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