One Man Is Trying To Do Something Impossible To Win Free Chicken Nuggets

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One Man Is Trying To Do Something Impossible To Win Free Chicken Nuggets

Carter Wilkerson really, really loves Wendy's chicken nuggets, and he'll do whatever it takes to get some for free. In a bid to earn himself some of his favorite snacks, Wilkerson tweeted at the fast food giant asking how many retweets it would take to earn a year's worth of free chicken.

Wendy's decided to play hardball, challenging him to earn a staggering 18 million retweets. That was 2 days ago, and by now the nugget super fan is aiming to break the website's record and earn himself 12 months of crunchy treats.

To be absolutely clear: 18 million retweets would be an impossible goal for (almost) anyone. The current record for the most retweets is held by Ellen Degeneres and her Oscars selfie from 3 years ago. The celebrity-filled photo has only earned 3 million retweets, so Wendy's has given Wilkerson a huge job.

But against all odds, Wilkerson is making good progress. He has already earned over 1 million retweets, and fans online are trying to help him get more exposure any way they can.

One person has even set up a GoFundMe account, planning to use the money to hire twitter "bots," computer programs which will retweet Wilkerson until he earns his year's worth of free chicken.

Maybe Wilkerson is a fool for even hoping he can make it to 18 million retweets, but looking at everything he's accomplished so far, there's definitely a chance he could pull it off.

On Twitter, you can follow #NuggsForCarter to track his progress on the quest to the magic number. If you have a Twitter account, consider helping Wilkerson out by retweeting this status.

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