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These Two Men Were Strangers, But They Played The Piano As One and Onlookers Were Amazed

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Sometimes all that we need is the right partner to come along and change the way we live our lives.

In this case, all it took was a friendly stranger who saw the potential in the music being played to elevate a shy pianist. It takes guts to play an instrument publicly and one unassuming traveler bravely sat down to play steadily through a very beautiful song.

Another traveler noticed the pianist and walked over to observe him playing. After a few seconds he reached out a hand and touched down on the keys beside the first pianist's fingers.

Within moments the two were playing a stunning duet with so much passion the people surrounding them in the airport erupted in applause.

Watch the magic below!

Did you love that spontaneous duet? Watch three more incredible street improvisations on the next page!

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