One Of Her Students Attempted Suicide, So This Teacher Did Something Extraordinary

Brittni Darras was heartbroken when she heard one of her students was in the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Darras, a high school English teacher, hadn't seen any signs of struggle from the girl, but realized a lot of people battle depression in silence.

The Colorado Springs teacher decided she had to do something to make her other students feel important.

"(The girl's attempted suicide) made me realize she felt like she was not important and didn't make a difference in this world," Darras told TODAY. "For these other kids, it's very hard for us to know who is struggling with thoughts of depression or suicide. If she had that response–and I couldn't see her as having struggles– the only thing I could think to do was to write every single one of them a unique card."

Brittni Darras hand wrote 130 personalized cards to each one of her students, explaining to them how unique and important they are in this world.

It took Darras over two months to write the letters and she handed them out on the last day of classes. She said students laughed, cried, hugged her, and just thanked her for giving them something tangible to remind them how loved they are.

Brittni didn't have to write these letters, but her desire to make each one of her students feel special is what we need from teachers all over the country.