One Of The Judges On The Voice Made A Terrible Mistake

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One Of The Judges On The Voice Made A Terrible Mistake

On the U.K. version of The Voice, one of the judges has had an interesting mistake that made the entire audience laugh. was drawing on his buzzer before Lawrence Hill began to sing his song. The problem was, tried to wipe the marks off his buzzer as Hill began to sing but accidentally pressed down too hard on the button and caused his chair to turn.

The point of The Voice is to sing well enough to get the judges to show their interest by turning around, so you could only imagine how thrilled Hill was when turned around so soon into his number. The audience had seen's awkward expression as he began to swivel, so they were a little bit worried.

When the song was finished was honest with the singer and told him how he was actually just rubbing off the face he drew, but just as Hill's smile and hope started to fade, added that he thinks maybe it was destiny that caused him to turn around by accident because he actually liked his singing.

Check out this hilarious moment that will probably make a little more cautious around that button!