Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things For This Year


Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things For This Year

Every year, I wait for Oprah to release her Favorite Things of the year. To be honest I don't know how many of them I actually buy, it's usually not a lot, but I just like seeing what she's chosen! Oprah's 2019 favorites don't disappoint, and I think I might have to grab a couple of them. These are just some of her favorite things. You can find the full list here.

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1. Truff Hot Sauce, $34.99

"What can I say? The packaging is cool, the hot sauce is sublime! I live for the black truffle version, but this white-truffle-infused limited release is slightly sweet, slightly exotic, and every bit as delicious. Put it on everything. Give it to everyone." - Oprah

2. Ecoffee Reusable Cup, $11.99

"A little birdie named Adam Glassman told me some New York City coffee shops suggest that customers bring their own reusable mug. That was news to me; what isn’t news is the colossal amount of plastic littering our planet. So I approve of this dishwasher-safe cup as a woke way to wake up." - Oprah

3. Intelex Warmies Slippers, $29.99

"How do these French lavender-filled slippers stay so toasty? Pop ’em in the microwave for 60 seconds (seriously), and you’ll have warm, happy feet for up to an hour!" - Oprah

3. Studio In A Box, $39.99

"If you want to limit your kiddos’ screen time during winter break, consider this mini art store. It’s packed with enough markers, crayons, paints, and brushes to motivate any Matisse in the making." - Oprah

4. BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bags, $36

"Reusable totes in festive patterns like plaids and florals? Sustainability never looked so good!" - Oprah

5. Turmeric Herbal Tea Gift Set, $39.99

"What makes this set of six turmeric chai teas—blended with fruits, herbs, and spices—the ultimate magic potion? Part of the profits go to educating children of the tea growers in India. I’ll sip to that!" - Oprah

6. Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger, $99

"The designers named this fabric Marshmallow, and I can see why. Wear the ridiculously plush lounger over leggings for running around town or hanging out at home. A black-tie dinner, though, may be a bridge too far." - Oprah

7. Land's End Flannel Nightshirt, $49.95

Oprah didn't pick just this nightshirt, she picked the entire Land's End brand to be on her list of favorite things.

8. Wilder Condiments Mustard Trio, $21

"Need more fun on your bun? These mustards—in classic, jalapeño, and sweet and hot—will make ketchup and mayo head for the back of the fridge." - Oprah

9. The Everything Travel Blanket, $88

"It’s a scarf! It’s a shawl! It’s a soft, snuggly travel blanket that lets you avoid those flimsy ones on airplanes!" - Oprah

10. Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box

"This 20-pretzel set with three types of heat-and-eat soft pretzels, three flavors of salt, and Everything seasoning will thrill all who still believe in carbs." - Oprah

11.Creative Co-Op Stoneware Brie Bakers, $41.75

"These seven-inch stoneware pots can travel straight from oven to table. Place a wheel of Brie inside, bake till bubbly, and voilà: You’ve got a gooey treat for friends (or, let’s be real, just you) to dig into." - Oprah

12. Extra-Wide Glass Drinking Straws, $14.95

"These see-through glass straws are easy to clean (thanks to a very slender brush), color-coded (so your guests won’t accidentally swap sips), and long lasting (so you won’t contribute to bursting landfills)." - Oprah

13.Wonderfully Wearable Nudes Lip Outfit, $120

"I believe in truth, justice, and a great nude lip. This set of four creamy shades ensures that whatever your look or mood, you’ll have a chic shade of lipstick to suit it." - Oprah

14. Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener, $99.99

The Rabbit is reproducing: Place this black and gold beauty atop a wine bottle, and simply press down for it to automatically extract corks. I’d give this to someone along with a favorite vintage for a toast with the most." - Oprah

15. blendSMART Holiday Glow 4-Piece Kit, $98

"A motorized, rotating makeup brush lets you apply foundation and creams without streaks or clumps. With three brush options, you’ll get a flawless finish, whatever your makeup skills." - Oprah

16. Lulu Dharma Napa Vegan Leather Tote, $95

17. Glamcor Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror, $195

"I know what you’re thinking: another tote? But when they’re made of handwoven vegan leather as luxe-looking and soft as this, we’ll make room." - Oprah

18. The Cake Bake Shop's Maple Walnut Crumb Cake, $68

"Sugar was never my thing, which is why I fell for Gwendolyn Rogers’s crumb cakes. In flavors like maple walnut or blueberry, they’re moist, old-fashioned, sweet but not overly, and pretty in pink—the color of her signature box." - Oprah

19. G.I.L.I. B Jill Martin Reversible Throw, $44.98

"If you cozy up on your couch with one of these plush throws with a faux-fur backing, there’s a good chance you may never get up again." - Oprah

20. Night Sky Puzzle, $25

"Attention, puzzlers! Inspired by the sky at dawn, dusk, and night, these three 500-piecers will have you finding edges and perfect fits from a.m. to p.m." - Oprah

Which of these do you want to get the most?

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