Outrageous Billboard Proclaims Roles Of 'Real' Men And Woman

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Outrageous Billboard Proclaims Roles Of 'Real' Men And Woman

Nobody likes to be told who they are, especially when it comes to being an authentic person.

So, when an anonymous group purchased $2,000 USD of adspace on a billboard outide of Greensboro, North Carolina, community members took offense. In two sentences, the anonymous group managed to alienate and offend husbands and wives at the same time.

The billboard says: "Real men provide. Real women appreciate it."

Within days, the controversial text had the community buzzing - some people didn't see the harm with it, while others couldn't believe that something so sexist could be allowed on public display.

While some many were offended, other's didn't see the problem. Several comments came from men who suggested that the protest was missing the key point: that real men provide.

Aguments for the sign suggest that it is positive because it's calling men out - requiring them to step up and take responsibility for things like childcare, child support and contributes to the household.

A protest has been organized for Sunday, February 26. So far 122 people are expected to attend. If this sign showed up in your community, how would you feel?

Boutique owner, Molly Grace, organized the protest and told local news that she felt that the billboard was a "very blatant about wanting to silence women and tell them to just accept the way that things are."

Is this freedom of speech, a marketing gimmick, or plain old patriarchy? Let us know in the comments below.