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Owner Creates Adorable Resume To Help Foster Dog Find A Home

It's universal knowledge that creating a resume that paints you in a good light is the first step in finding a job and apparently it works the same way if you were applying to be someone's best friend.

Well, at least that's the case for Mowgli the dog.

The part German Shepherd mix was living in Kigali, Rwanda with her human mom up until July 2016. The pair then moved to the U.S because her owner had to complete her Master's degree.

Now, Mowgli is in need of a new home because her mom can no longer dedicate extra time to taking care of her and it would be unfair to deprive her of the attention she deserves. So instead of dropping the dog off at a shelter or giving her up to a random stranger, she came up with a very creative solution.

Mowgli's owner enlisted the help of a friend and they created a resume that highlights all of her lovable companion's best achievements and traits that would qualify her for the position of another human's best friend.

The detailed resume contains everything from the adorable dog's objectives to her past experiences.

Twitter user Megan Frantz shared the adorable document on the social media platform and tweeted that it was her boyfriend, "master of puns," who put together the extensive resume for Mowgli.

โ€œ[M]y boyfriend (master of dog puns) helped my best friend put together a resume for her dog for her temporary foster family and itโ€™s so good,โ€ Frantz wrote in the caption.

Mowgli is described as an intelligent and fun-loving dog who is seeking a "new best friend (or pack of best friends!) and long-term foster parent." In exchange, she will offer her "loyalty, goofiness, loving companionship, incredible ability to zoom and stunning good looks." Sounds like a fair bargain to me.

Megan Franz/Twitter

The exceptional pooch's resume highlights that she is well-travelled, having lived in Rwanda, New York and California, where she used to be a "beach babe" and "provider of moral support."

Mowgli also appears to have lived a very active lifestyle, but she's willing to be a "professional couch potato" with a "complete dedication to snoozing" for the right person.

Well, I think anyone who ends up with Mowgli will have an overqualified best friend that's perfect in every way. We wish her lots of luck in her search, but we all know she doesn't really need it with a resume like that.

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