Incredible Dog Lives Like A Human Teenager

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Incredible Dog Lives Like A Human Teenager

Science has finally settled the debate over whether or not dogs can actually watch TV or just pretend they do to make us feel comfortable, but now doggy-parents around the world have to decide how much screen time is appropriate for their pets.

Olesia Kuzmychova, a 32-year-old restaurant worker from Hong Kong, doesn't put any limits on her dog Chiko, and his binge-watching habits have made him an online star.

Olesia adopted the Shiba Inu when he was just a puppy but quickly noticed he had picked up some very human habits.

While there's obviously some trickery involved in her videos, Olesia insists that her dog really is a TV junkie.

"From the first day I bought him he started watching TV with me, so when I went out I started leaving the TV on for him," she told Metro. "The next thing, I noticed he started watching whole movies whether I was sat there or not."

Apparently Chiko is very conscientious, and even wears headphones when he stays up late to watch his favorite shows.

Olesia has "caught" Chiko doing some other very human things on video, including drinking the sparkling water in her fridge.

He even drew Olesia a picture one day while she was at work, although we have to point out that this one is obviously fake. Sure, Chiko can probably draw, but who's pointing the camera if Olesia is working?

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