How One Mom Packing Raisins In Her Kid's Lunch Turned Into A Viral Debate


How One Mom Packing Raisins In Her Kid's Lunch Turned Into A Viral Debate

The last thing you want to see as a parent is a dissatisfied note from the teacher. What's worse than a bad behavior note about your child is one about your parenting skills.

In a time where child obesity rates are rising, parents are becoming more cognizant and concerned regarding nutrition--and so are the teachers.

One Australian mother received an unsatisfactory note from her daughter's kindergarten teacher. The Sultanas (raisins) she packed were deemed to be "unacceptable" because of its high sugar content.

A copy of the note was posted on "Oh So Busy Mom", which also outlined snacks that are considered "acceptable."

This list included dried fruit, so raisins shouldn't be a problem. Right?

Parents who saw the post on social media were outraged by the teacher's decision to act as the child's parent and decide whether raisins are an appropriate snack for children.

One mom on social media wrote: "They are there to teach kids kindergarten, not be nutritionists. This is a time in child development where fussy eating is huge! Totally not their call."

Another mom, also a dietitian, defended the Australian mother's snack choice on Facebook. She wrote, "You DO NOT have to feel one bit guilty for putting a box of sultanas in your child's lunch and you DO NOT have to 'explain' why."

Here are some more Facebook comments.

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