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Parents Are Warning You To Watch Out After Kids Purposely Burn Themselves With Pencils

Kids often do some pretty ridiculous things. Recently, the "salt and ice challenge" made a come back and now another dangerous "challenge" has returned to the school yard.

Kids are now purposefully burning themselves with erasers in what they are calling the "Eraser Challenge". It is apparently the latest internet trend that has kids risking infections and getting scars for no real reason.

According to some middle schools "kids are rubbing an eraser across their skin while having to do or say something." For example, they have to sing the whole alphabet while their friend rubs the eraser on them and then they compare marks.

Kids are managing to burn themselves with this game, with one teen even getting hospitalized for participating.

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This isn't necessarily a new trend, but it is making quite the resurgence. In a warning from the school it says that kids are admitted that they are doing it because they were dared or to prove they were tough. Some have done it because they thought it was funny, but the results can be pretty serious.  

The warning from the middle school says that because erasers are so dirty they can lead to infections in the skin. Even after the scabs form, bacteria can still get through.

If you notice your child has strange marks on their arms and hands, talks to them and make sure the wounds are cleaned out properly.

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