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Couple Told They Were Too Fat To Adopt A Child

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David and Donda Holt from New Brunswick, Canada have been foster parents for years, so they were shocked when their application to adopt their foster child was rejected for a list of strange reasons.

It all started when the Holts met their foster son Michael. He was just 7 months old when he was brought to the Holts' home, but they told CBC it "just made sense" for him to live with them, because there was no one else to look after the boy.

But when the Holts applied to adopt Michael in 2014, they got a rejection letter back from their province's government agency for adoption, the New Brunswick Department of Social Development.

The long list of reasons why the couple supposedly weren't fit to adopt Michael included that they were overweight, in their late 50s, that their son is mixed race (the Holts are white) and that they weren't involved enough in their community. The Holts didn't know what to think of this letter.


It's true that they were old, but since when is someone in their late 50s "too old" to raise a child?And while they do have some health problems (the letter mentions Donda's arthritis) their own doctor wrote them a letter saying they're both healthy enough to raise children.

The letter even suggested that the Holts were traumatized by their older, biological son Korey's death. While it's true they were sad, Korey had been living in a care home for years, and the Holt's had expected his death for a long time.

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