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Pauley Perrette Suffers "Ugly" Injury After She Caught Her Hand In A Fan


Pauley Perrette had a pretty bad medical scare recently when she was doing some repairs around her house. Perrette, who has been keeping busy since leaving NCIS because of alleged abuse from her co-star Mark Harmon.


Unfortunately, keeping busy is what got Perrette into some trouble.

"So... I was standing on a stool trying to open my A/C vent and my hand got caught in the ceiling fan," Perrette tweeted. "Slashed my wrist and my hand is red and blue. Ugh."

She shared pictures on her Twitter page, and followed up with a question for her fans.

"Is there a doc or nurse in the house?" she asked. "My vein swelled up and turned black under the cut to the vein, do I need to go see a doc?"

Twitter - Pauley Perette

Some fans had some tips for the actress, suggesting she see a doctor straight away.

"It sounds like a hemotoma for I would ice it, 20 mins on, 20 mins off until you go to bed," one person suggested. "Also, elevate it on a pillow. If no better by morning, call your dr or go to an urgent care facility. Good luck!!"

Twitter - Pauley Perette

"Well, it's not good. But swelling doesn't necessarily mean danger," another said. "Try ice but if the swelling doesn't go down by morning, or if the swelling or pain worsens, get it checked out!"

"From a retired [registered nurse]. Yes. You need to see a doctor," one fan cautioned. You may have a hematoma from an injured blood vessels or damaged artery that runs right across your wrist. There's a nerve & tendon that could be damaged, too. Best be sure you don't have serious injury or fracture. Praying for you."

Twitter - Pauley Perette

Perrette took the advice, and it ended up being "ugly."

"Went to ER, it’s ugly, but will be ok they say. Probably a wounded vein and hematoma. I’m bandaged up and think it’s gonna be ok. Thanks y’all! Much love! I was scared!"

Twitter - Pauley Perette

Because the internet is the internet, people began questioning why Perrette was doing her own handy work when she's a Hollywood actress. Perrette defended herself though, saying she's not "spoiled."

"Hey haters, yes I’m accident prone!" she said. "But I install my own lights, I fix my own A/C, I do my own stuff, I’m a rough and tumble Alabama kid who hurts her redneck self sometimes. But not a spoiled brat. I do stuff!  On my own! And sometimes get my hand caught in a fan! I replaced my faucet and sink, fixed my A/C, installed 29 safety lights, replaced my gate and locks, built my own storage, installed ramps for my wheelchair pals, and everything else. I’m NOT a spoiled celebrity. I’m a redneck that gets shit done! And yeah, I get injured. Worth it."


It's refreshing to see that Perrette still does things around the house and isn't one of the Hollywood elite that pays someone to do everything around their house. That being said, I wonder if Twitter is really the place to seek your medical advice.

What do you think?

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