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Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Now A Thing

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People who don't drink coffee truly fascinate me. How do you get moving in the morning? What do you do to stay awake? You're so wild, in my mind. I can't imagine starting my day without coffee.

And for those of you who drink coffee without any cream or sugar? Wow. That's some intense stuff right there. Me, I need a teaspoon of sugar and at least one cream, but if I'm using coffee creamer, that tends to change.

Coffee creamer makes my morning cup of joe more exciting, somehow, although honestly I would take it in an IV if that's what needed to happen. But a good coffee creamer can be a game changer for the day.

That's why when I heard that there was a new Peeps flavored coffee creamer, I just needed to know more!

International Delight will be releasing the Easter-themed treat, but you won't have to wait until April to try it. According to their website, the new product will be "coming soon to most major retailers." They also list the creamer as "sweet, marshmallow-y and yellow. Yep, yellow. Because it's PEEPS® and we can."

Despite the website saying it doesn't come out until later, it seems as though some stores have gotten ahead of themselves and already put it on the shelves! Twitter account @CandyHunting found the coffee creamer on January 4th, and seemed pretty thrilled with the result!

"Creamer has never tasted so cute." 😊 New International Delight Peeps coffee creamer is out now! The creamer is light yellow in color and tastes like they concentrated 5000 marshmallows into every ounce. Found it at Walmart.

Some people seem excited about this new addition to their morning coffee.

"Omg!!!!! This has my name written ALL over it!!" one Instagram user exclaimed.

"Sooo if this is real I'm stocking up on these omg... Same as the peeps milk!!" another Facebook user said.

"I need this in my life, so I can drink my Peep filled coffee while eating Peeps at the same time. Yummm," another Instagram user said.

Others are a little more skeptical.

"I think what makes Peeps Peeps is the sugar coating on the outside," one person said. "We saw that the coating could be pretty well duplicated on a Peeps Oreo, but it would be much more challenging to duplicate it in a liquid coffee creamer, IMO."

"I just saw an ad for Peeps flavored coffee creamer," someone else said. "Why would anyone want to ruin perfectly good coffee?"

"If you serve me coffee with Peeps creamer in it I am assuming you hate me and the drink is an assassination attempt, just for the record," Rebecca Green said on Twitter.

In the end, it's all down to personal preference, just like anything else. Let's just hope this goes over a little better than the Peeps Oreo cookies! The taste was great, but the dye in the creme started turning people's poop pink!

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Will you try this new coffee creamer?

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