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People Are Furious Over Cosmo's Weight Loss Story, And You Will Be Too

Everyone has either known or known of someone who has lost their life to cancer. It's no laughing matter and certainly shouldn't be used to promote losing weight.

But that's what Cosmo seemed to imply when they posted an article about weight loss with the title "How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without *ANY* Exercise."

On first glance, the headline seems harmless enough - it's just another article about how you can reach your healthiest weight without spending hours at the gym. The flavor turns sour pretty quick when you find out the article is actually about a woman's struggle with cancer.  

Although Cosmo changed the headline of the article to:  "A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever," the damage had been done.

Not surprisingly, people started roasting the magazine on social media for implying that getting cancer is a good way to shed extra pounds.

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