Cute Or Cruel? Video Of Mini-Horse Eating At The Table Sparks A Fierce Debate

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Cute Or Cruel? Video Of Mini-Horse Eating At The Table Sparks A Fierce Debate

A cute clip of a tiny horse has sparked a big argument online.

This mini-horse was snacking away on some carrots in his high chair like a human baby when the owners of the Suetoshi farm in Japan took a video of him enjoying his meal.

While this seems like an innocent and fun video, it has divided people online, with some commenting that it's animal abuse.

Nobody can seem to agree on whether or not it's safe for a tiny horse to sit in a high chair.

Lots of people have shared their anger over the video, saying that it's bad for the horse's spine and digestive system to sit like a human.

"This seems kind of cruel to me," one woman wrote. "surely it can't be a comfortable or safe position for the poor pony to be in? Can't believe people that are meant to be horse lovers are sharing it."

Comments from Facebook.

Others said that there was no need to worry. Lots of people who own horses commented that it's perfectly safe for a horse to sit like that, and the animal doesn't look like he's in distress.

Some people even suggested that the horse might have megaesophagus, a condition that makes it painful to swallow.

This condition is common in dogs, and some of them even sit in their own high chairs to make eating less painful.

A dog in a "Bailey chair" to help with megaesophagus.

We may never know the full story behind this video, but that hasn't stopped people from arguing about it.

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