People Can't Stop Watching This Groom's Hilarious Surprise For The Bride

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People Can't Stop Watching This Groom's Hilarious Surprise For The Bride

Every so often someone shares a video that reminds us why we love being online so much. One of these videos is a hilarious wedding dance number that's been going viral for all the right reasons.

Groom, Hunter Heinrich and his groomsmen surprised the bride, Lexi, and their guests with the best choreographed wedding dance to grace our screens in a long time.

Miranda Marrs, the photographer who shared the video on Facebook described the routine as "the most HILARIOUSLY choreographed dance I've ever seen at a wedding" and added that the bride definitely had no idea that this was coming. He sounds like a keeper.

Miranda Marrs

"The DJ pretended to be setting up a newlywed game to pass the time, and the bride was completely taken off guard and had no idea what was going on." she wrote in the caption.

The impressive and funny routine kicked off with some serenading moves set to Chris Brown's Forever but then took a turn as the music switched to some well known songs like Destiny's Child's Bootylicious, Boys II Men's I'll Make Love To You and Bruno Mars' Marry You.

The men didn't hold back on moves and facial expressions, they did everything from the dab and whip to the booty shaking, all of which made the video all the more awesome. Watch it below and prepare to laugh cry all the way to the end.

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