Parents Blame "Peppa Effect" For Giving Their Kids British Accents

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Parents Blame "Peppa Effect" For Giving Their Kids British Accents

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Couples across the country are going to spare (as in, absolutely freaking out) over the British accents their kids are developing.

These worried parents all blame one culprit for their children's quirky vocal tics: Peppa Pig.

Concerned moms and dads reports they've become "mummy" and "daddy" to their kids, who are apparently copying the pink cartoon pig's Southern English accent after watching countless hours of her TV show.

Peppa Pig
Parents say Peppa Pig is teaching their kids to speak like the Queen.Entertainment One

Others have caught their little ones saying "zebb-ruh" instead of zebra and "to-mah-to" for tomato.

Roberto Rey Agudo, a language professor at Dartmouth College, says that these stories are so common because Peppa's target demographic (kids under age five) are still building their vocabulary, and because they sit through a huge volume of Peppa episodes.

Because children as old as six struggle to identify different "accents," it seems these Peppa-obsessed toddlers have no idea why calling a truck a "lorry" strikes their parents as odd. These kids probably don't even realize they're doing anything strange.

Peppa Pig has become a global phenomenon since premiering in 2004, and earns $1.2 billion a year in merchandise alone.

Experts agree that children will grow out of any adopted accents as they get older, interact with more people, and stop watching Peppa around the clock.

So no worries mom and dad, your toddler is tip top, in spite of their posh, piggy accent!

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