Pete Davidson Spotted Flirting With Hollywood Star 20 Years His Senior

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Pete Davidson Spotted Flirting With Hollywood Star 20 Years His Senior

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Even if you don't really know who Pete Davidson is, you've probably read about him over the last few months. The Saturday Night Live star was engaged to international pop sensation Ariana Grande. The two had a whirlwind romance that ended almost as quickly as it started, with Grande seemingly pulling the plug on the whole thing.

Davidson's life has been changed in ways he probably never could have imagined, all because of who he decided to date. Even now that it's over, the stand-up comic has become one of the most talked about celebrities of the year, and everything he does is being put under the microscope.

At one point, there were concerns for Davidson's life after he posted an extremely cryptic and seemingly suicidal message on Instagram. He had previously spoken about his struggled with mental health issues, and this seemed to be a goodbye message to his fans after experiencing immense online bullying.

But thankfully, it seems as though Davidson has bounced back from those dark moments, and he's recently been seen out and about hanging with friends. Most recently, he was spotted at the Golden Globes with is friend, rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Though Davidson and Kelly spent most of their time hanging out together, Davidson managed to find some time to himself...well, sort of.

There are numerous reports that the Saturday Night Live actor was spotted cozying up with British actress Kate Beckinsale. Davidson, 25, and Beckinsale, 45, were said to have spent 45 minutes talking to each other alone, and very intently, before being joined by some other friends. However, despite the company, Beckinsale and Davidson reportedly kept their attention on each other.

"Pete and Kate were definitely getting their time in together socially," a source said. "Even though Pete and Machine Gun Kelly were basically attached at the hip all night, Pete and Kate found about 35 to 40 minutes where they got close on the patio."

"It was kind of romantic because as they were sipping champagne, it started to rain a little bit and you could tell Pete was putting his best foot forward as a gentleman," said the source. "They were kind of flirty, and Kate was really into whatever it was Pete was saying to her. She was pretty loose and carefree."

There were also reports that Davidson and Beckinsale were cuddling at certain points throughout the night, but a source says the two did not leave the party together. Either way, it seems like the duo were hitting it off.

As for Grande, she did not attend the Golden Globes, so there was no chance of an awkward run-in. Although, we've gotta say, this is a pretty big win for Davidson. Nothing helps you move on faster from an ex than chatting up a beautiful movie star.


The age difference might be a little awkward, considering Davidson is closer in age to Beckinsale's daughter than he is to Beckinsale herself, but age is just a number, right?

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