Pets At The Pub Is The Best Event Ever

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Pets At The Pub Is The Best Event Ever

Cat cafes exist and they're magical. You sit and drink coffee while petting cats and really, it's the best.

But cats aren't the most social creatures. They sleep most of the time and couldn't care less about your presence. Plus, it's always sad when you have to leave the cats and go home.

That's why the RSPCA in Adelaide, Australia is working hard to promote all the pet friendly places around the city.

Their event, Pets at the Pub, encourages the community to include dogs in more public spaces. Josie Sullivan, who organizes the event, says Pets at the Pub says the economic benefits businesses would have are great.

"In other countries, European countries, dogs are really part of people's lives and we would love to see that being promoted more in Adelaide and Australia-wide as well," she said. "I've probably had about 20 to 30 venues approach us about having a Pets at the Pub."

Considering most people view their pets as family, it makes sense that owners would want to bring their pets with them to dinner or coffee.

Little Bang Brewing Co., the first venue to host Pets at the Pub, says the event attracted 300 people and more than 80 dogs.

"There was certainly enough hair for 70 or 80 dogs the next day because we had sort of tumble weeds of hair blowing through the place afterwards," owner Ryan Davidson said. "There's definitely been a considerable amount of people who've been attracted to this place purely because they can bring their dog."

Sullivan says more than 25 venues have approached the RSPCA about Pet at the Pub events because of the success other venues have had.

"I think when people start to see what a beautiful experience it is "” to get out there on the weekend with your dog "” I think other states will pick it up as well."

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