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Private Investigator Admits To Stealing The President's Identity

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A private investigator from Louisiana pleaded guilty this week in a strange case of presidential identity theft.

According to a court document, Jordan Hamlett, a 32-year-old from Baton Rouge, tried to use President Trump's Social Security number and other personal details about the Commander in Chief to access his private financial information.

Hamlett and his defense attorney, seen leaving the courtroom.AP

Hamlett allegedly cooked up the scheme after the president refused to release his tax returns during the 2016 presidential campaign. While it's a tradition for presidential candidates to release their tax forms, there's no law requiring it.

Hamlett admits to using the president's Social Security number to apply for student aid last September. The investigator tried to use the username and password from his application to access Trump's tax returns to the IRS, but wasn't successful.

President Trump refused to release his tax returns during last year's campaign.WBUR

Prosecutors say that Hamlett tried six separate times to access the president's private information, but that he wasn't successful. They don't reveal how much of the president's information could be accessed this way.

While Hamlett has admitted to his crimes, his strange defense is raising a few eyebrows.

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