Piers Morgan Gets What he Deserves After Dad-Shaming Daniel Craig

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Piers Morgan Gets What He Deserves After Dad-Shaming Daniel Craig

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Earlier this week, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan had Twitter users fired up when he questioned Daniel Craig's masculinity after he was photographed wearing a baby carrier.

The James Bond star and his wife, actress Rachel Weisz just welcomed their first child together a little over a month ago, and he has since been spotted on several different occasions doting on his daughter.

Morgan took an issue with the fact that the actor wore a papoose to hold his daughter.

"Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond," Morgan wrote in the caption of the aforementioned photo.

Morgan took some serious flak over his comments, which have since inspired many dads to stand up for Craig as well as themselves.  

Even celebrity dads, like Captain America star Chris Evans, took to Twitter to express just how wrong Morgan was.

"You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child," Evans tweeted. "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside."

Despite all the "Papoose-gate" backlash, Morgan refused to change his stance and in a separate tweet he wrote, "I just hate papooses. I know the shrieking Twitter mob is trying to bully me into liking them - but they will fail in their mission."

While everybody else was busy typing away replies on Twitter, comedian Harry Hill, had a better plan in the works.

Hill appeared on Good Morning Britain the day after Morgan's tweet went viral, and decided to act on behalf of all papoose-wearing dads and give the former America's Got Talent judge exactly what he deserved.

During the show, Harry discussed how he has recently been teaching kids slap stick humor, specifically how to make a cream pie, while Morgan and his co-anchor Susanna Reid helped make the pies.

The funnyman then took the opportunity to slam one of the pies into Morgan's face.

"This pie is for all those men that wear papooses," the comedian said. "That's for the guys who wear papooses. All right! It's for Ross Kemp and for Daniel Craig!"

Morgan starred in utter shock at first, but he was eventually able to laugh it off and even managed got Reid involved in the mess.

"I'll be back in two and a half weeks... if we're not taken off air!" Piers jokingly said before walking off the set.

Viewers later took to Twitter to discuss the funny incident, and of course, many took Hill's side.

"Harry Hill throwing a pie in Piers Morgan's face live on #GMB is the funniest thing he's ever done!!" wrote one user. Another added, "Omg I'm weak laughing @HarryHill and @Piersmorgan on #GMB Pieface![SIC]".

One tweet even suggested that Hill should be knighted, and another said that he "should be the face of the new £50 note after putting a pie in Piers Morgan's face."

You can watch the entire incident unfold in the video below:

Do you think Morgan deserved to be pied?

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