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Pillsbury Releases New Cookie Flavor, As Voted By Fans

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We all love the summer. How can you not? The weather, the vacations, the ice cream and yes, the fresh strawberries! Every summer my mom and I used to make strawberry shortcake together after going berry picking in the mornings. It was such a fun tradition and now whenever I taste strawberries, all I can think of is summer.

Even though we're in the thick of winter right now, Pillsbury has released a new sugar cookie flavor that has got my heart singing for warmer weather!

The pastry giant announced they would be releasing Strawberry Cheesecake Ready-To-Bake sugar cookies, and honestly they sound amazing!

The cookie itself is flavored like cheesecake, and then they're stuffed with strawberry-flavored bits. Pillsbury has never done anything wrong in my book, so I'm definitely going to be giving these a shot.

Normally, a package of Pillsbury sugar cookies would have enough pre-cut dough for 24 cookies (minus how much you eat while you get them ready), but this time Pillsbury has decided to make the cookies a little bit bigger, so there are only 12 cookies in a package.

The flavor was chosen after a poll run by Pillsbury, asking fans which flavors they would like to see. This one clearly came out on top, and now people's dreams are about to become a reality! The sugar cookies are only around for a limited time, so you'll have to try and find them soon.

Instagram user CandyHunting found a package of the new cookies at Hy-Vee, but they haven't posted about whether or not they're actually good.

Most people are really excited about the newest Pillsbury addition.

"Can't wait to put ice cream on these straight outta the oven," one person said.

"😱😱 I need these in my life!! 😍😍" another said in excitement.

"My uncle just got these tonight, and they were freakin delicious!!!!!!!" another Instagram user said.

But others are a little more skeptical about the flavor.

"Sounds good but I bet they're gross," one person said.

"Vomits," another person simply stated.

This isn't the first time that Pillsbury has tested out this combination of flavors. They recently posted a recipe on their website for strawberry cheesecake cookie bars, so it's possible they made their decision based on the popularity of that baked treat.

It's not the first time that Pillsbury has gone off the beaten path when it comes to their classic pastries. This past Christmas they released hot cocoa cinnamon rolls, complete with marshmallow frosting.

Will you be racing out to find this new flavor?

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