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Pink Reveals She's Raising Her Daughter Gender-Neutral

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There's been a growing trend among parents choosing to adopt a gender neutral approach to raising their children.

These parents are trying to avoid limiting their kid's potential by imposing socially-constructed gender stereotypes on them. They eliminate the use of labels, gender-specific pronouns, and clothing to ensure that their child isn't being restricted to a predetermined identity.

Pop star and mom of two Pink has chosen to raise her children with this parenting method, and in a recent interview with Mirror, she opened up about why she made that decision.

Marie Claire

The singer explained that wants her six-year-old daughter, Willow, to be be able to "make free choices," and to not be defined or limited by traditional gender roles.

"We are a very label-less household," Pink said.


The Just Give Me A Reason singer then proceeded to share a cute conversation that transpired between her and Willow to give us an idea of how she is raising her daughter.

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