Pisces Year Ahead 2017

New Perspectives

Pisces Year Ahead 2017

My dear Pisces, last year might have been a rough and rocky one for you, but we promise, there is a light at the end of that tunnel and it's shining on you in 2017!

As a sign that is strongly connected to dreams and mysticism, you'll want to use your intuitive feelings to connect on a personal level with others this year. Trust your gut when it comes to new opportunities that arise for you this year and follow your heart in terms of making healthy choices.

One major point of focus for you this year will be learning how to get out of your own way. As a dreamer, you are prone to getting lost in the fog of your daydreams. Do whatever you can to snap yourself out of laziness and bolster your self confidence.

Alright, Pisces, ...


There is a big focus this year on love. You'll have plenty of opportunities to create stronger, longer lasting relationships with new and existing partners.

Jupiter remains in your intimacy sector until mid-October, so you'll have plenty of chances to really dig deep into the intimate side of your personal relationships. Focus on creating strong, emotional bonds in new and existing relationships. This kind of connection is the foundation that will carry you forward through trouble in years to come.

Mars is very active in your partnership and intimacy sectors this year. Try to use this driving, fiery energy to propel your one-on-one relationships forward in a positive direction.

The planet of action heats things up for you in June to mid-July when it moves into your love sector. This will be your most romantic period of the year, so singles will want to focus on taking every opportunity to meet new and exciting people. Couples should plan an exciting getaway - couple's retreat? Sexy spa day? You decide!

In September to mid-October, Mars graces your relationship sector. It harmonizes with Jupiter in your intimacy sector, giving you plenty of opportunities to focus on making healthy, emotional choices. Look at boundary setting, and explore what you both need as individuals.

Mars moves into your intimacy sector from October to November. You'll want to work with your partner to resolve  any issues that block a healthy intimate relationship during these months.

One last thing to note: Mercury is retrograde from the second half of August until about the first week of September. You might experience some complications with the return of old relationship issues or an old flame.


You're starting off the year with an opportunity to clear the slate, Pisces. A Lunar Eclipse on February 11 gives you a stellar opportunity to settle work issues, finish off old projects and yes, even walk away from a dead-end job.

Don't worry about making these changes  - they're for the best! You've got Mars in you money sector this February, so you'll see new financial opportunities popping up all around you.  Make the most of a good offer, use the extra boost of energy from Mars to get start off on the right foot.

In March, Venus retrogrades in your money sector, so you might experience a few road blocks after the initial blast-off in February. Try to remain patient, avoid any splurging and be wary of laziness.

Uranus is in your money sector all year, so stick to your budget, make practical decisions and try your best to avoid any impulsive purchases.


Mars rules your mind March to mid-April. You'll feel active, revitalized and refreshed, so this is the best opportunity to connect with others on a mental level. You'll feel positive and so your relationships will benefit from your bubbly, up-beat attitude this spring!

Mid-April sees Mercury retrograde giving you a case of fog-brain. You might slip into the dreamy aspect of your nature; thinking about your past or falling victim to negative self-talk. Try to maintain mental discipline with meditation or soothing yoga classes.

A Lunar Eclipse in the area of your subconscious happens this August 7. It'll mark a period of serious reflection and focusing on past issues and your subconscious motivations. Make an effort to understand, let go and move on.

All in all, Pisces, you've got a lot of emotional work to do this year. Whether in relationships or personally, what you do now going to bring you closer to that shining light at the end of the tunnel this year.

Remember to follow your heart, stay balanced and get out of your own way!