Pit Bull Comes To The Rescue Of A Cat During A Vicious Coyote Attack

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Pit Bull Comes To The Rescue Of A Cat During A Vicious Coyote Attack

Pit bulls have a reputation as a fearsome fighter, but we all know that most are cuddly and kind beyond compare. That doesn't mean that pit bulls can't be tough when they need to be though, and it's a good thing for this lucky cat.

Kitty and Jack are both rescue animals but found a loving home together with Sherry Lewis. They quickly struck up a friendship most don't see between cats and dogs. That friendship saved Kitty's life.

Jack The Pit Bull

"He probably thinks he's the protector. He checks in on her and sniffs her almost every day." Lewis told a local news station.

While out wandering in the yard Kitty was attacked by two coyotes. One grabbed her head while the other bit onto her tail. They both began to shake her violently. Jack never hesitated.

"I didn't know Jack could run that fast," Lewis said. "He was on them so fast."

Jack fought off both coyotes, they dropped Kitty and fled into the woods. Kitty was rushed to the vet, who repaired her wounds. She only sustained a broken tooth in the whole ordeal, thanks to Jack.


Lewis is looking after Jack for her son, who is deployed with the US Forces overseas. Looks like the hero trait runs in the family.

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