Pit Bull Who 'Saved Boy's Life' Will Not Be Euthanized

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Pit Bull Who 'Saved Boy's Life' Will Not Be Euthanized

It was a dramatically stressful situation for Buddy the Pit Bull and the little boy he saved. For days the brave dog's life hung in the balance and there was nothing his family could do but wait.

When Buddy 'attacked' an Australian woman, he was apprehended by police, but it turns out that there was much more to the story than that.

The woman, a crystal meth addict, allegedly brought her two young sons, aged 5 and 9, to the Murray River last week with the intent of drowning them.  Local news reports that the oldest boy was ordered into the water, but he escaped to the other side of the river, where he was 'bitten' by Buddy.

Rescuers search for the 5-year-old boyThe Sun

The dog then attacked the mother while the 9-year-old ran away. The youngest boy was found days later, drowned in the river.

More than 50,000 people signed an online petition to spare Buddy's life. His owners argued that Buddy didn't bite the 9-year-old, but tried to help him get out of the river.

After a thorough investigation, police have determined that Buddy was acting in defense of the woman's son and that he will not be put down.

Thankfully investigators were able to determine that Buddy was just trying to help the best way he could in a terrible situation. Prayers for these little boys and their families!