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Pizza Delivery Driver Saved A Kidnapped Woman After Noticing Her Cry For Help

ABC / Shboygan County Sheriff's Department

After ending a relationship with someone, you are probably not going to be too happy about it, but Dean Hoffman took it to an extreme level and now he's having to pay for his crimes thanks to a pizza delivery driver.

Hoffman began dating his partner in 2016, and they lived together until August 2018. She moved to a new home, but he was not happy about this change.

Hoffman arrived at his ex-girlfriend's home uninvited, entering the home without knocking. The unnamed woman asked that he leave the premises, but he refused. As he refused she began to call the cops to remove him, but she alleges that was when he became violent.

She alleges that he ripped the phone from her hands, grabbed her and dragged her up the stairs. He is also said to have shoved her, pulled her hair, and ripped her shirt in an attempts to get her to go with him.

She attempted to escape by hitting him in the groin, but that was when he punched her, giving her a black eye and a bloody nose.

He then bound her hands and feet together with a power cord, and shoved a towel in her mouth so "nobody would be able to hear her."

The woman claimed she could barely breathe and had thought she may not survive. She remained like this for a half hour, when he finally untied her and allowed her to wash her nose, but he still wouldn't allow her to leave.

The woman explained that she tried to appeal to him by saying, "If you love me, you will let me go," but he still refused.

He threatened her life, and is said to have commented that he "should have brought his gun in from the car so he could shoot both of them."

Hoffman even went as far as cancelling the woman's plans with her children by sending them text messages, but when he decided to order a pizza, the tables turned.

Joseph Grundl arrived to deliver the pizza the man ordered, but he noticed that there was a woman trying to catch his attention. He called 911 right away.  

"I had a delivery. It was a middle-aged couple. The woman clearly had a black eye," he told the dispatcher. "She pointed to it, and I swear she mouthed 'help me.'"

Police arrived on the scene only moments later, and while Hoffman briefly tried to prevent them from coming in, he gave up and was taken into custody.

He admitted to punching his ex-girlfriend "in the heat of the moment" and told the officers he did have his firearm in his vehicle.

The woman is happy to be safe now, but is keeping her identity out of the public eye. However one of her neighbors was happy that the delivery driver was able to realize what was going on.

"I'm grateful (the delivery driver) was paying attention, because it could have been a lot worse," her neighbor Amy Hammarlund said.

Hoffman is now being charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim, and burglary of a building.

Source - ABC Action News / WGNTV / Fox6 / WISN / Sheboygan Press

Hopefully now the woman will be safe and justice will be served.