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10 Unlikely Places That Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

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Imagine the dirtiest place in your home or in your workplace. I bet you didn't have to think too hard about your answer.

Toilet seats should be the dirtiest area, but in fact, they're actually cleaner than a lot of other places.

The ATP meter is a tool that measures the dirtiness of a surface, and people have used it on all kinds of surfaces to inform the public about what needs to get wiped down on a regular basis.

An ATP reading of over 300 means the surface is at risk of spreading an illness, while a reading of 100 or more means that surface needs a good wipe down.

Your golden throne comes in at around 200 on the ATP meter, which is bad, but you'd be surprised to learn which common places you can find a higher reading.

Here are 10 unlikely places in your home or work space that are dirtier than your toilet seat. You don't want to miss the last one.

1. Your Handbag

Research has found that handbags used regularly were 10 times dirtier than an office toilet seat. The area that carries the most bacteria is the handles, but even the items inside, like hand creams and lipsticks, are also covered in bacteria.

They even traced back stomach flu viruses to reusable grocery bags!

2. Water Fountain Buttons

Putting your mouth on the nozzle of a water fountain is disgusting, but you'd never think twice about touching the button. 23% of these buttons have enough bacteria to make you sick.

3. Refrigerator and Oven Door Handles

More than 20% of these handles have ATP levels of more than 300! Oven door handles are at a higher risk. Time to get the Clorox out.

4. Coffee Pots

48% of coffee pot handles have enough bacteria that require you to wash your hands after touching them.

You need to scrub hard to wipe down all the bacteria on these next ones!

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