Police Find 1944 Love Letters Inside A House's Wall

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Greenfield, Mass Police Department

Massachusetts police have found a love letter in the walls of a remodeled home written on April 19, 1944.

The Greenfield Police Department posted the old love letter on Facebook in an attempt to find their recipient, a Miss Betty Miller who lived on 366 Chapman St. in the same city.

"We would love to be able to get this letter back to Betty or her family. Please let us know if you know how to find her," the police department wrote.

Written by a man only known as Walter, he had no hesitation in letting his feelings for Miller be known. In the letter, Walter appeared to make amends following a dispute.

"I have always thought more of you than any other girl, and I still do," Walter wrote. "From now on I will not go to any dance or to a movie unless you go with me, because I am not  interested in taking anybody else..."

"If there is anything which you wish to know I wish you would ask me and we will try to get it straightened out. As I have said before, you are the one one in my heart and I hope you still want to be," Walter added.

"So will you please give us both a break and let’s have lots of fun together and have a swell time," he concluded.

With a bit of luck, authorities finally found the answer they were searching for.

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