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Police K-9 Unit Recruits the Cutest Furbabies (Photos)

The Taiwanese police department is expanding and I think the crew will like the newest recruits.

I know my office would happily welcome these new members into the family, so I bet the police force is excited to meet the new additions.

These 4-legged team members are just over a month old and have now joined Taiwan's National Policy Agency (NPA).

Their role isn't to just put a smile on their team's face, they have a very serious role on the force.


All 6 puppies will be trained to join the NPA's K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug unit based in Taipei.


These special talents run in the family, because the puppies' mother named Yellow, is currently one of 22 adult dogs in the K-9 unit.


The puppies, who were born on May 9 are named Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ and Full Moon.


"We hope that in the future the puppies can be like their mother Yellow, that they can pass through training successfully and enter the police force," the NPA said in a post on Facebook.


Social media was instantly taken by the new police force members!

"I want to join the police dog team now," said one user on Facebook.

"If they don't pass their training, can you pass them to me to raise?" one user asked.


Good luck! I think there would be a line of people that would lay claim on these adorable pups.