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Police Officers Respond To Shoplifting Call, But Their Response Has Everyone Applauding

Flickr - Random Retail / Facebook - Roeland Park Police Department

Police officers respond to all kinds of calls in a day. From petty thefts, to more dramatic incidents, cops are required to use their judgement to solve many different issues.

Sometimes officers are criticized for handling situations poorly, but two cops from the Roeland Police Department are being congratulated for how they reacted to a shoplifting call.

The Chief of Police has shared the story on the RPPD's Facebook page and it just goes to show you how much of a difference listening can make.

Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp were called to Walmart in Roeland Park to deal with a juvenile caught shoplifting a pair of work boots.

When they arrived, they spoke with the young man they found out the truth. He wasn't stealing them just because he wanted them, he actually really needed them. The Chief wrote that the "displaced juvenile within the State of Kansas Justice system was trying to steal some work boots so he could get a job."

The officers realized that the theft wasn't some kind of irresponsible action, the young man needed them to get a job and because he lived in a group home he didn't have anyone to help him buy the boots. They decided to help, giving this young man a second chance.

Instead of charging him with shoplifting, the officers bought him the pair of boots and gave him some words of encouragement. They told him to finish school and use the boots they gave him to find a job, and stay out of trouble.

According to the Chief's message, "With tears in his eyes, the juvenile left with a supervisor of the group home he is staying with that had to respond to pick him up."

Their kind reaction to this shoplifting incident made a big impact on that young man's life. Now he has some options and has been given a second chance.

We hope that this young man finds a job and are thankful to officers like Suffield and Snepp for making a difference in a person's life who really needs it.

Source - Fox29 / Facebook RRPD

Have you ever been given a second chance?