Police Seize Pineapples Filled With Cocaine, Bringing New Meaning To The Term "Drug Ring"

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Police Seize Pineapples Filled With Cocaine, Bringing New Meaning To The Term "Drug Ring"


The debate has long raged on whether people should be eating pineapple on their pizza, with the sides split on the issue. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that pineapple and cocaine are an even worse combination.

Police in Spain and Portugal have seized a stash of 700kg of pure cocaine that had been sent to Europe inside a shipment of fresh pineapples.

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The shipment had originated in South America, making this a new strategy for drug cartels in the area to get their drugs shipped around the globe. The drugs were actually coated in yellow wax before being wrapped in pineapple skin and put in among normal pineapples.

The investigation had been a joint effort between the two countries into how drugs were still making their way into their countries.  

Along with the massive drug seizure, the police also busted a lab where the drugs were being cut, as well as arresting two Colombian brothers who were part of the drug trafficking gang. The brothers also had drug labs in Pinto and Nuevo Baztan, bear Madrid. The gang was allegedly responsible for transporting similar shipments a couple times a month.

This isn't the first time that drug dealers have attempted to ship narcotics across international borders using creative plans involving food. Police have busted shipments of cocaine and weed in a variety of different food shipments.

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Canned goods that are stuffed with powdered cocaine have been found on a number of occasions.

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Stacks of tortillas have also been hollowed out and filled with cocaine.

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Orange tape has also been used to design fake carrots stuffed with pounds of weed coming out of Mexico.

And let's not forget that bananas have been known to transport more than poisonous spiders across international borders.

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As technology advances drugs have become harder to ship, but that hasn't stopped traffickers from getting creative with their attempts.