Pop Star Gets Tattoo Of Harry Styles On Her Face So She Can Work With Him


Pop Star Gets Tattoo Of Harry Styles On Her Face So She Can Work With Him


Celebrities, they're just like us!

Those headlines used to be splashed across tabloids back in the early 90s. Photos of them shopping (like us!), eating (like us!) and going on dates (like us!) used to stuff those trashy magazines and we couldn't get enough.

The thing is, that's all a lie. Celebrities aren't just like us. They have pressures and privileges we'll never understand, just like they'll probably never again know the difficulty of stretching out a budget between paychecks.


One of the worst parts of being a celebrity is that when you hit the skids, you hit them in a very public way. We don't have to think back very far to remember the last epic breakdown that happened in front of the cameras.

Amanda Bynes went from a laughing stock to a very serious warning for other young celebrities. She was hospitalized and thankfully got the help she desperately needed. Britney Spears had a public meltdown that resulted in her shaving her head. At the time it was hard to imagine anything worse than a pop star shaving off all her gorgeous hair.

But that was then and this is now. Shaving your head is so....temporary.

Kelsy Karter is a music star from New Zealand. With good looks and drive, not to mention a talented blues-y voice, she seemed destined for success. While writing and singing some more poppy songs, like the memorable "Too Many Hearts To Break" she has since changed directions. She says she wants to be more of a rock star and is looking to bring some edge to her music.

One of her other career goals was to work with Harry Styles, formerly of the fabulously popular One Direction boy band.

She came close. She wrote a song for Zayn Malik that appeared on his album.

Since that time her obsession with Styles appears to have only gotten worse. She's even proclaimed herself the female version of Harry Styles.

It does not look like Styles talks to Karter, or actually even knows her. With that in mind, few people paid any attention to her January 18th Tweet:

Maybe some of her friends should have, because Karter recently unveiled a face tattoo of Harry Styles featured prominently on her right cheek.

The kindest thing anyone can call it is a horrible mistake.

It's rumored that it was an attempt to get Styles' attention, but I'm not sure that it's the kind of attention that's going to make him work with her.

This singular act is obviously extreme, but coupled with her many comments of Styles it points to an obsessive relationship on her part. She's even released a song titled "Harry" presumably about the award-winning singer.

Karter's Twitter is littered with the type of posts which could be pretentious ramblings or red flags which have gone ignored. If Bynes and Spears are any indication, help can come just in the nick of time and have a lasting impact. Right now the world is laughing at her, but the death of her career shouldn't be the only concern for those in her life.

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