Popular Kitchen Appliance Recalled For Explosion Risk


Popular Kitchen Appliance Recalled For Explosion Risk

Attention all families! A new recall has been set in motion for a popular kitchen appliance that could potentially explode while you are using it.

The company SodaStream is recalling almost 60,000 of its carbonating bottle in both the United States and Canada due to the explosion risk they pose when under pressure.

This recall applies to all bottles that are deemed dishwasher safe and have an expiration date of April 2020.

SodaStream machines are manufactured by an Israeli company, who blames the problem on a "manufacturing defect." The company is offering a refund to those affected. However, they are making it clear that this recall only affects a small fraction of the 13 million bottles it produced last year.

While none of these bottles have actually exploded as of yet, the company wants to make sure their consumers are protected against any possible injury.

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