The Original Pound Puppies Are Back And You Can Get One Right Now

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The Original Pound Puppies Are Back And You Can Get One Right Now


Anyone alive in the 80s knows all about Pound Puppies.

I personally 'adopted' a couple of them myself. Patch and Chocolate. As a child who dreamed of having a pup of her own, these were the perfect choice for a gift. They came with an adoption certificate and everything!

I remember being so excited when opening them on Christmas Day. I even kept the box, which looked like a kennel.

Well guess what? The Original Pound Puppies are back!

According to Basic Fun, the company who makes them, "These authentic reproductions of the 1980s hit toys look and feel just like you remember, and are ready to be adopted and loved. They’ve been waiting for someone like you to choose them as your very own pet. They are easy to take care of – they just need a little love and lots of hugs!"

Soft, snuggly and sure to be a great gift for kids of all ages. These stuffed animal Pound Puppies make a great Valentine's day idea for kids or a perfect addition to an Easter basket! (too soon?)

Trust me, Pound Puppies are fantastic and will bring love and joy to any child who loves animals!

Each Pound Puppy includes a sticker sheet, name tag and adoption certificate so you can write in the name you choose for your new pet!

They are available at Amazon, Walmart and Target!

The newborns even come wearing a diaper. Making them a big hit!

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