Prank Caller Fools Everyone Into Thinking He's A Little Kid [Video]

People say that we all have an "inner child," and Tim Bradbury is living proof of that.

In his hilarious YouTube videos he uses his alter ego "Tiny Tim," a schoolboy who's "3 turning 6" to play harmless pranks over the phone.

Tim has called Toys R Us and McDonald's to complain, but his funniest video is probably this failed attempt to call in sick to a local school.

Even Tim can't keep a straight face when he hears how flustered the office staff are.

You would think employees at a school would be prepared for a call like this but they're completely baffled.

Tim also tried to buy a Lamborghini, but he ran into trouble when the salesman wouldn't let him pay with his weekly allowance.

He really does sound just like a little kid, but hopefully we wouldn't fall for this trick as easily as Tim's victims do.

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