10 Ways Pregnancy And Giving Birth Is Different For Amish Women

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The Amish people have their own unique way of doing things, which is why they've become the subject of fascination in America.

Every day things like going on the internet, turning on your lights, and taking medication is something that goes against their culture. So the question we all ask is, how do they live?

TLC's Breaking Amish has explored what this community does on a daily basis, and yet we still want to know more.

In fact, this small community is quite successful, despite living a very old-fashioned way. Research has found that Amish people are more likely to live longer.

But it's not only their biology that's different, the way they conduct their wedding ceremonies and the way they dress are only a few ways that the Amish greatly differ from their suburban neighbor.

While those facts are interesting, I'd argue that the rules pregnant Amish women must follow are even more mindblowing...

1. They Don't Make An Announcement

We all know Amish people don't have Facebook, so they're not going to update their status announcing to the world that they're going to have a baby.

But even when they do learn that they're pregnant, they don't mention it to anyone except their husband and midwife.

In fact, Amish women don't like to talk about pregnancy. In a situation that they must mention it, they'll use the phrase "I'm with child."

2. No Ultrasounds

The first time I got pregnant, I couldn't wait to get an ultrasound to know the gender of my baby. It's still one of the best memories of my life.

When I found out I was having a girl, I spent more money than I'd like to say on the nursery and the most adorable baby clothes.

Because ultrasounds are considered a medical test, traditional Amish women will never get to know the gender of their baby before they give birth.

3. No Countdown Calendars

When your doctor gives you a due date, they're giving you a rough idea of when your baby should arrive.

Then the countdown begins, and you and your doctor can monitor the health of your baby. If you go past your due date, you'll likely be induced into labor.

For Amish women, their baby calls the shots.

This actually may not be the worst thing in the world because when a baby is ready, they tend to come more quickly.

Patience is truly a virtue.

4. The More, The Merrier

Nowadays, you'll mostly see couples who have two kids. Having less children has become a societal norm, but not in Amish communities.

If an Amish women has the ability to bear 10 children or more, she will.

There's literally no limit to how many babies they can give birth to, only that they're physically able to do it.

Birth control is a big no-no. Besides, the more babies they have, the more help they get on the farm.

5. Silent Birth

My throat was aching after screaming for hours while in labor with my firstborn. I refused epidural anesthesia and wanted to give birth the natural way.

Amish women are also all for the natural way, but they must give birth at home. They'll wear a white nightgown and push their baby out while on their bed.

Home pregnancies aren't uncommon, but what's surprising is that they give birth in silence.

No talking. No screaming. No huffing and puffing?

Amish women aren't the only ones who have given birth this way. John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, also gave birth to three of her kids using the silent method.

6. No Crowds Or Pictures

Amish women don't have to worry about giving birth infront a room full of strangers, which honestly sounds so nice.

I know giving birth is natural, but it doesn't make me feel any less uncomfortable with the fact that I have to allow random people to help me with this process.

When an Amish women is giving birth at home, the only people present are the husband and the midwife.

If it's the woman's firstborn, a "birthing mother" might be present to help guide the soon-to-be mom.

7. No Baby Showers

One of the best parts about having a baby is starting a baby registry and hosting the best baby shower ever.

It's a time you celebrate the birth of your child with your loved ones. Also, it's a good excuse to eat some really good cake.

Baby showers are seen as taboo in their culture. It looks bad to ask for presents.

Just because they don't host an event for the baby, it doesn't mean the newborn won't receive any gifts once it's born.

Most Amish babies are given a handmade quilt made just for them. That's pretty special if you ask me!

8. Kids Don't Cost Much

Hospital bills cost a fortune, so if you don't have insurance, think twice before buying like a million things for your new baby.

Keep in mind, even with insurance, the bill can still be in the thousands. If you've had children, you can attest to this.

Because Amish women give birth at home, they don't have to worry about a hefty bill.

If there's an emergency, the entire community will come together to help the mom-to-be get to a local hospital. The Amish church will settle the bill later.

9. It's A Lot Of Work

Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to do nothing.

You can blame your child on why you don't want to eat something, why you have to eat something, why you're tired, and so on and so forth.

To be frank, pregnancy is hard, and most of the times that we complain, we actually need that extra time of rest.

For traditional Amish women, their duties come first, and they're required to help with chores despite their growing belly.

10. Getting "Help"

Maternity leave doesn't exist in the world of the Amish.

It's important that these mothers recover from their pregnancy and take time nursing and bonding with their newborn baby.

While they're investing their time being a good mother, they hire an unmarried woman to do their daily chores.

According to Babygaga, these young girls earn only $15 each week for helping out.

Which rule surprised you the most?

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