President Trump Is Livid About What They've Done To Ivanka

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President Trump Is Livid About What They've Done To Ivanka

On the heels of Nordstrom's decision to cut Ivanka Trump's clothing line from their stores, three major retailers have followed suit.

President Trump took to twitter last night to express his disgust with Nordstrom's decision to drop his daughter's fashion line:

Belk, Jet and ShopStyle have recently confirmed with BuzzFeed News that the decrease in demand for the first daughter's brand has forced them to remove the products in favor of better selling merchandise.

Another big name department store, Neiman Marcus has also dropped the Ivanka Trump line from their website.

In what is being considered the #GrabYourWallet effect, a boycott of Trump-adjacent businesses that launched last fall, several of the top listed companies are dropping the line.

According to Forbes, it appears that Neiman Marcus is on the road to doing the same. The Ivanka Trump line is no longer available on the store's website, neither is she mentioned on the list of Neiman Marcus designers.

A search for the Ivanka Trump line on the website of luxury retailer, Bergdorf Goodman (owned by Neiman Marcus group) also shows as empty.

As boycotts continue, and sales drop, it's possible that more companies will remove the line. Do you think this is fair?