Former "The Price Is Right" Model Reveals What Drew Carey Is Really Like Off-Camera

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The Price Is Right is one of the longest running television programs in America. Created by Bob Stewart, the original game show launched in 1956 with Bill Cullen as its host. In 1972, some changes were made, and Bob Barker joined the franchise as the host until his retirement in 2007.

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Finding a replacement for Barker, who had 35 years of hosting experience under his belt, was by no means easy, so CBS aired repeat episodes from Barker's final season until a decision was reached.

On October 15, 2007, comedian Drew Carey made his debut as the show's new host, after initially turning down the network's offer to fill Barker's big shoes.


As with any change, it took a little while for Carey to settle into his new role, and for the show's longtime fans to get comfortable with the new host as well as the updated set, theme music, and logo.

It's been a little over a decade since Carey joined The Price is Right, and now one of his former colleagues on the show, model Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, is giving us answers to what the host is really like when the cameras aren't rolling.

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