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The Real Reason Prince George Is Always Holding Prince William's Hand

Richard Pohle/The Times/PA

Whether it be a publicity photo or a candid shot, you'll notice a familiar trend in all of the pictures of the royal family.

In nearly every picture, Prince George is tightly holding onto Prince William's hand.

For instance, you'll see George clutching onto William's hand in this year's annual Christmas photograph, and when he's brought to his first day of kindergarten.

While plenty of people chalk it up to a normal father-son gesture, it may mean more than just simple affection.

According to parenting expert, Jasmine Peters, it's not a coincidence the pair are often pictured in this gesture.

Peters said William may potentially be holding George's hand to prepare him for his destined role as the King of England.

While Princess Charlotte normally clings to her mother, George is often seen holding his father's hand, which may be in preparation for his future role as the head of the British monarchy.

"It is not uncommon to see a father with his son to set the foundation of what his role and responsibilities will be in life with a family," Peters told Daily Mail. "It is often believed that it takes a man to raise a boy to be a man."

"Yes, it could reflect that Kate and William are traditional, but it also reflects the importance of the bond created between father and son and mother and daughter that they both treasure and hold dearly as responsible and loving parents," Peters added.

Peters said William and Kate appear to be "instinctive parents" and they understand the importance of having a nurturing relationship with their children, especially if the parent and child are of the same gender.

The Sleep Nanny and expert at The Baby Show, Lucy Shrimpton, also told Daily Mail when the younger child is still dependent on their mother, the older children tend to gravitate to their father, a fact she believes would happen regardless of the child's gender.

Do you think there's any merit to Peter's claims?

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