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Princess Diana Had a Very Good Reason Why She Ditched Royal Protocol

Princess Diana is one of the most loved members of the royal family. Her tragic passing will forever be mourned and her life treasured. Still to this day little tidbits about her life are coming up to remind us just how amazing she was.

Other than being a general awesome human she was also a fashion icon. She was a modern princess who tended to step outside of conventions. But did you know there was a reason why she did?

This famous outfit was originally supposed to be worn with a hat and gloves, but when she put it on to visit a children's hospital she refused the items because she didn't want to wear them. Why?

She said "you can't cuddle a child in a hat." She also refused the gloves so she could make skin to skin contact with the kids instead of having a barrier.

Princess Diana wore the same dress often when she visited hospitals and called it her "caring dress". She ditched the royal protocol of gloves because of her desire to hold hands with the sick kids.

What a kind woman who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to leave behind years and years of protocols to do what she thought was right. Good for her!

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