Psychic Channels Princess Diana On TV, Leaves Her Former Butler Dumbfounded

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Psychic Channels Princess Diana On TV, Leaves Her Former Butler Dumbfounded

It's been over twenty years since the beloved Princess Diana met a tragic end. The royal was travelling in a car in Paris when it crashed while trying to escape the prying paparazzi.

Her sudden death shocked the world, but as more details about the circumstances leading up to her demise emerged, many began to wonder if there was more to the situation than what we're being told.

Some people are convinced that if the first responders had transported her to the hospital that fateful night of August 30, 1997 instead of spending an hour trying to resuscitate her at the scene, she could've been saved.

There was also the fact that the instead of coming to her aid, paparazzi continued to take photos of the former Princess of Wales even after the accident occurred.

"She'd had a quite severe head injury. She was very much still alive in the backseat, and those people that caused the accident, instead of helping, were taking photographs of her dying in the backseat," said Diana's youngest son, Prince Harry.

Although a lot of people, including Diana's children, Princes William and Harry, are still haunted by the tragedy, many eventually came to accept that we may never know what really happened that night.

Diana's memory and legacy continues to live through her family, as well as those who were close to her, like her butler, Paul Burrell.

Burrell has been described as "the only man Diana ever trusted," and since her death, he has been sharing tidbits about what Diana's life was like.

Over the years, he published a number of books, gave a handful of interviews, and appeared on various television shows.

During Burrell's recent stint on the fourth season of the Australian version of the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, the unexpected happened. Medium John Edward made a cameo on the show, and got into contact with Princess Diana in Burrell's presence.

As one can expect, Edward couldn't convince everyone, but Burrell was clearly taken aback by the medium's revelations. There are some details about the late princess's life that only those close to her knew, but Edward described them perfectly during the reading.

Paul Burrell

Halfway through the session, the clairvoyant began to describe small details from Princess Diana's bedroom even though he has never set foot in there.

"I walk into a room, think all wood panels and books," the medium said. "Piano over to one side. If I go into that room, [there's] a small glass bird."

"You are right," Burrell said. He later explained that "he [Edward] could not have known about a glass Lalique in the Princess's room, impossible."

Things got even more intense when Edward revealed that Diana told him about a dream Burrell had in which she was wearing a "royal blue dress." Shocked by the revelation, Burrell replied, "I do have a dream of me sitting alone with the Princess ... and she is wearing a blue dress ... I've never told anybody about that particular dream."

But that's not all the psychic medium had to say.

Edward asked if Diana had been involved in an accident before the fatal one because that's what he was "feeling" as soon as he channeled the royal.

"Yes, there were!" Burrell replied. "You couldn't possibly know that." Burrel later explained that Diana was indeed in a minor accident while driving alone one night.

Edward also had a message from Diana that left him dumbfounded. The Princess wanted to congratulate her former butler for getting married. She also wanted to tell him that the validation he continued to seek from his family and friends won't ever happen.

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Diana also supposedly brought up another secret, involving a photo being changed. Burrell said that he moved the photo to "protect somebody," but did not delve into the details.

Following the bizarre episode, Burrell gave an interview Good Morning Britain and admitted that he has always been a skeptic, but after his encounter with the psychic medium, this was no longer the case.

"[John Edward]'s one of the best in the world and when he said about the car accident six months before she died. I didn't think anything more of that until he said something about an accident "“ how would he know?" Burrell said.

He also revealed that the photo Edward mentioned was "a compromising picture of her with someone and I didn't think it was right for people to see." He said that the Queen was fully aware of what's going on, and he did it to protect Diana. Nobody other than the three of them knew about it.

Do you believe Edward is telling the truth?

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