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Psychic Who Predicted Trump's Presidency Reveals Grim Future For 2018

As the end of 2017 approaches, people are starting to make resolutions and plans for the upcoming year, but for many, it's hard to know what exactly the future has in store. This is where Craig Hamilton-Parker comes in.

Hamilton-Parker is a prominent clairvoyant from the United Kingdom, who has successfully predicted many of the events that transpired over the last couple of years, including Donald Trump's presidency, Britain's exit from the European Union, and the terror attack in Nice, France.

The self-proclaimed prophet recently updated his blog with a post in which he reveals his predictions for 2018, and just like other psychics who have previously shared their visions of the future, the upcoming year is looking quite grim.

"2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather," Hamilton-Parker said. However, there are a few events that will lift up people's spirits.

So what will be the highlights in 2018?

Hamilton-Parker made predictions about a range of topics, including the environment, the economy, conflict, celebrities, and U.S. politics. He talked about the decline of the world's economy, a chemical weapon attack on a major European city, and North Korea's downfall.

Despite all the negative events he mentioned, the psychic says that "conflict and hardship plus growing environmental problems will bring good people together and ignite a desire to seek the true purpose of human life."

Here's the what we should expect in 2018 according to Hamilton-Parker's forecast:

Environmental Predictions

  • Eruption of Vesuvius, a volcano in Naples, prompting evacuation.
  • Increase in seismic activities worldwide, including a serious earthquake in New Zealand.
  • A massive ice shelf will break from the Antarctic making the southern seas impassable.
  • There will be record hurricanes in the Caribbean.
  • California will once again have wild fires, so will Australia.
  • India and China will experience flooding.  
  • Pollution will kill a colony of rare birds.

World Conflicts and Terrorism

  • A "world flu pandemic" is imminent, and will be linked to biological warfare stemming from North Korea or a terrorist group.
  • A trade embargo with North Korea will fail, and the U.S. will strike at railway line disrupting imports.
  • Kim Jong Un will be overthrown by his own people. He will be missing, but some will claim that he is hiding in China.
  • A Bitcoin fraud to support terrorism and war involving a well-known American company will be uncovered.
  • Japan will pay to hire American missile defense services.
  • Ukraine will be accused of selling illegal missiles and nuclear technology.
  • An airborne chemical weapon gas attack will take place in a major European city or two - could be London or Berlin, or both.
  • A chemical weapon attack on a school will be thwarted at the last minute.

Economic Predictions

  • The Euro will crash and riots will take place by the end of the year and into 2019.
  • The U.S. will be affected by the weak Euro, but the economy will bounce back, and good investment opportunities will arise.
  • A banking crisis in Italy will force the nation to leave the European Union, and Denmark will follow suit.
  • Major brands will also be in trouble due to the weakening world economy.

U.S. Predictions

  • There will be an attempt to impeach President Trump by mid 2018, but it will fail.
  • Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with the U.K. before Brexit.
  • The Mexico border wall will not be built, instead drones and sensors will be installed.
  • A U.S. warship will sink. A Mine or terrorist operation will be the cause.
  • The U.S will lose trade in the East because China and Russia will form a military and economic alliance following the North Korea crisis.
  • There will be a big fire in Las Vegas.

Miscellaneous and Entertainment Predictions

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce their engagement.
  • Melania Trump and President Trump's grandchildren will release a song to help raise fund for a charitable cause.
  • There will be an increase in cyber attacks.

"Many of the above predictions are pretty gloomy but I feel that there will be a simultaneous growth in spirituality for the people of the world that will now start to lead us into a Golden Age," added Hamilton-Parker.

"We can change our personal fate and the fate of the world by harnessing the power of consciousness...thoughts are things and can influence future events," wrote Hamilton-Parker. "If they are powerful enough and fueled by compassion then they will protect you personally but also influence the course of history."

Do you think Hamilton-Parker's predictions will come true?

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