Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings Are Here And A Lot Of People Are Upset About It

Buffalo Wild Wings

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Think of all the foods you love. Would you ever mix them together?

Some food combinations just seem destined to go hand in hand, while others are so terrible that the thought of them combined makes you want to swear off both flavors.

In fall, nearly every coffee shop you walk into is serving some kind of pumpkin-flavored drink or treat, and for good reasons!

The winter squash is the taste of the season, and it's so delicious, but only when it compliments the other flavors.

If you thought Burger King thinking about making a pumpkin spice whopper was bad, you've heard nothing yet.

Buffalo Wild Wings wants to jump on the bandwagon and offer their own pumpkin-flavored menu option, but not many people are excited. In fact, they're upset.

It's fall's favorite flavor. Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season.

pumpkin and chicken
Is this a match made in heaven? Wikimedia Commons / Pixabay

Chicken and pumpkin doesn't sound like it's a good pairing, and you're probably not wrong.

However, a writer at Bustle, would beg to differ:

"While pumpkin and the vinegary pungent sauce that coats buffalo wings may not be a match made in heaven, pumpkin knows how to amplify and compliment spices like a pro. In hindsight, it was only time until pumpkin spice made the leap from snack and dessert to main course."

The new BBQ Pumpkin Ale Sauce has been available since the beginning of October, and some people are not having it.

However, not everyone's so quick to judge...

Now let's hear from someone who actually tried the sauce...

Maybe we should just stick to these pumpkin spice pairings below, do you agree?

pumpkin spice
Mike Mozart - Flickr / Wikipedia / hirotomo t - Flickr

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Would you try the new flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings? They're available for a limited-time only!

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