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Put Your Cling Wrap In Here For A Clean Edge Every Time

If you use cling wrap as an extra seal on the containers in your fridge or to prevent your bottles from exploding while you travel, you know the struggle of breaking off the perfect edge.

The clingy quality is perfect for sticking to things, but it can be a real pain when you try to rip through it with the teeth on its flimsy, cardboard  container.

If you're tired of fighting with the plastic wrap, there is one tip that works every time:

Pop it in the freezer!

My grandmother has been doing this trick for ages and it really does work. Stop cling wrap from tangling up in the teeth of its box by storing it in the freezer. It cuts down the static without cancelling out the cling.

This trick works for other things too! If you don't mind cool legs, pop your dress, or skirt into the freezer for a few minutes before dressing for work. It's the chemical-free way to get rid of that awkward static cling.

Good luck and happy wrapping!

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