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Dog Gets Banned From Her Favorite Place, But Now She's Got A Job That Brings Her Back In The Best Way

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Quaker is a three-year-old German Shepherd who is a very good girl. She is gentle, calm and laid back, but for some reason she was banned from going into the place she loves most. Her owner, Gregg Quinn, had been bringing her to the library with him ever since she was a puppy.

"She would come to the library with me and got used to it. I'd sit down and read the newspapers, The Press, and National Geographic, and she'd just lie there and sit by me for the next two hours," Quinn said.

He wasn't the only one bringing his dog into the building, he said that, "you'd get people there with their little dogs in their hand basket and older people with their wheelchair carts with their little dog, and it was good." But eventually a woman started to question it. "Then one day a woman said to me, 'what's your dog doing in here'? and I said 'I thought it was allowed'."

An official complaint was made and they were forced to get all the dogs out of the building. But immediately after they were sent away, the library took actions to bring them back. That's when Quaker got a job offer she couldn't refuse...

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