Queen Elizabeth Had To Get Thrifty To Get The Wedding Dress Of Her Dreams

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Every woman's wedding day is special. When you're the future Queen of England you can definitely expect it to be a spectacle.

It was a fairytale wedding that many girls have since dreamed about. Televised to more than 200 million viewers across the globe, the princess barely out of her teens was only five years away from being crowned Queen.

Dressed to the nines and followed by eight bridesmaids, including her younger sister, Margaret, 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth walked down the aisle of Westminister Abbey to exchange vows with 26-year-old Philip Mountbatten.

When Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip got married 70 years ago, it was a different time. World War II had just ended and even royalty couldn't escape the rationing that was still imposed on British citizens.

To pay for her dress, Elizabeth had to get creative.

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