Rabbit Hole Hides Secret 700-Year-Old Knights Templar Caves

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Rabbit Hole Hides Secret 700-Year-Old Knights Templar Caves

If you were walking through these woods in Shropshire, England, it's likely you'd walk right past the secret door that leads to one of the most astonishing finds that dates back to the Crusades.

Beneath the forest floor of this quiet little countryside lay a complex network of caves that are thought to be the secret place of worship for the Knights Templar.

Photographer, Michael Scott, from Birmingham captured these stunning images of the secret caves:

The unassuming entrance to 700 year old caves. It looks like a rabbit hole, but it's a door to another world.

This network of secret caves and tunnels was likely used by the Knights Templar; an ancient, wealthy order of knights created by the Pope in 1129.

The tunnels lead to networks of untouched walkways filled with beautifully carved arches.

The only way in or out is through the rabbit hole, which might be why it has stood the test of time.

There is still plenty of mystery surrounding everything the Knights Templar did, but finding local gems like these caves point historians in the right direction.

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